Washington Suite

The Washington Suite honors one of America’s founders and the first president of the United States.

The king size adjustable bed is the "first of its kind" to be offered at a bed and breakfast boutique inn. It allows guests to elevate head or feet, should medical challenges require. There is a comfortable, lean against, padded headboard for your comfort.

This grand bed is layered with billowy pillows and dressed with the finest of European linens. A leather love seat is conveniently situated at the foot of the bed, so you can enjoy the comforts of the fireplace. An eclectic mix of art by local artisans accents the walls.

The huge attached bathroom suite is a "feast for the eyes". This bathroom has a simply wonderful, dark, limestone, oversized walk in shower.

Relax in the deep, copper tub surrounded with bubbles, candles, and rose petals.

$250 per night + tax

The Room With
No Name

This room may not have a name yet, but it does have a simply wonderful king size sleigh bed and its own large flat-screen TV.

There is a fireplace, an antique sideboard with built-in wash basin, and a massive armoire with mirrored door. The décor is consistent with every other room in the inn ... Elegant ...Luxurious.

It has its own private half bath and walk in shower.

$250 per night + tax

Captain Roy Akers' Military Room

Dedicated To My Father And The Military

The Military Room named for my father, Captain Roy Akers, is dedicated to our servicemen and women who have served and are serving our country.

Lady Kate’s
Mystery Date Suite

Tucked in the upstairs corner of the inn is a discrete suite which exhibits bright colors of art.

The suite has a private sitting area with a half bath and a lavish walk in shower. It has its own set of stairs leading to the first floor.

When you awaken, you will smell the gourmet coffee brewing; and the sun will, as Joni Mitchell put it, “pour in like butterscotch and stick to all your senses.”

$225 per night + tax

King Arthur's Dining Room

This Room Is Named After My Grandfather Crist And My Uncle, Arthur Reece Crist


Awake Every Morning To A Gourmet Breakfast, a là Julia Child

Savor the elegance on display from a more graceful time.

A rare dinner set, the Minton Collection, that once served President Richard Nixon is on display in the antique hutch.



Kimberly's Hunt Room

Replete With Every Accoutrement, the
Library/Hunt Room is designed to make you, our guest, feel truly appreciated.

This room has a wall mounted, large, flat-screen television. Enjoy all the premium channels on HDTV and Free Wi-Fi. This room exemplifies a mix of "old world elegance and modern amenities."

Sir Lancelot's Suite

A majestic headboard is made of handsomely carved walnut burl wood.

The footboard is exquisite, as well. This Lincoln bed was specifically made for a very tall gentleman and his lady. It was crafted in the 19th century, the same era as the inn. This room, also, features a French Provincial Armoire and a daguerreotype portrait of my great-grandmother. 

            This room has its own private bath and shower with robes, which are provided in every room. In all bathrooms, only creamy, locally handcrafted soaps are displayed at the sinks and baths. This particular bathroom features a Rubenesque painting.

$215 per night + tax

Godmother Lula Mae's Suite

This is the only downstairs bedroom suite, and it has a view of the inn’s garden.

It has sheers suspended on swing rods, a wrought iron bed with the finest European linens. The art adorning the walls is from the Caribbean. A porcelain frog collection populates the side table. The bathroom to this suite features an oversize walk in shower surrounded with dark limestone tile.

$225 per night + tax

Betty Ann's Side Porch & Gardens

Dedicated to my mother and her passion for the gardens

"Queen Weez's"
Koi Pond